got paint?

Got_paint_coverI‘m loving my new class with Emily Falconbridge at BPS.  Our homework for the first week of class was a variety of techniques we applied to a 6×6 sized art journal.  I lifted my cover right from Emily’s art journal.  It’s super easy & a cool technique.  glue tissue paper on chipboard & gesso.  With title in place & gesso dry, apply acrylic paint.  Viola!  the acrylic finish is a matte gray, the sheen in the picture is not there irl.  I wanted to get my pictures shot before getting dinner going so paint still had some wetter spots.  I’m excited to be in this class, ‘cuz I think it will open a totally new horizon for me, but the funniest thing is that none of it is really foreign to me.  It’s things I know in concept or could have discovered by trial & error, but I need a class like this to formalize it & give me the push to do it.  Anyway I’m totally motivated and inspired.  Here is my homework for the week:
Dry_brushing Dry_brush_wipe_off Masking Masking_pp Acrylic_wash1 Acrylic_wash2 Acrylic_glaze Gesso Etching
Besides learning that this is totally fun & doable, I also learned I need more brushes and acrylic paint in the yellow/orange and tourquoise/aqua families.  guess where I’m going tomorrow?


  1. leah says:

    Oh, mj. I LOVE it all!!! I’m so jealous. I hope they offer the class again. It just wasn’t do-able for me this time around.
    Are these canvas, or paper?
    Looks lovely. Keep up the great work!! 🙂

  2. maryjo materazo says:

    thnx leah! it’s 6×6 cardstock. it’s her 1st time teaching it & i bet u she’ll teach it again ‘cuz response from the class so far is all positive. mj

  3. evalyn says:

    Love the cover of your art journal and your new banner! Your pages came out great…

  4. Jen says:

    oh wow! i should’ve taken this class!! awesome techniques!

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