7 creative ways to use book pages in home decor

Today is the first day of school around here.  So while my kids are back hitting the books,  I thought I would share how I use books around our home to decorate.  Book pages to be exact. I use them to decorate vignettes, or add seasonal elements or embellish decorating details.  I also showed youContinue reading “7 creative ways to use book pages in home decor”

pedestal plates & pumpkins table

As I mentioned in my previous post, we won’t be traveling to South Carolina to visit my father-in-law over Thanksgiving. I’m sad about it, mostly for the kids who wanted to see grandpa, but we always have a festive Thanksgiving at home as well. SO after not thinking I had to think about thanksgiving, nowContinue reading “pedestal plates & pumpkins table”

container gardening & old chairs

I love container gardening. In my professional job before starting a family I was the marketing director for one of the largest pottery importers|distributors in the United States. It was fun selecting the styles & sizes to import and actually designing some styles for the factories to create.  I still see some of the designsContinue reading “container gardening & old chairs”

christmas welcome

 I‘m happy to be sharing this post @  Jennifer Rizzo’s holiday house walk.  so  much inspiration and holiday cheer to get everyone in the holiday spirit.  I got my Christmas front door wreath done!  Happy dance. Now the decorations in the front of the house are officially complete. When I showed you the outside of theContinue reading “christmas welcome”

garland from fall into winter

So I’ve wanted to create a burlap | pinecone garland for awhile now. One that I can use for fall | Thanksgiving and take right into my Christmas decor….. and today was the day. This is all I used. Burlap ribbon, small | medium-ish pinecones, twine, needle & scissors. I cut the burlap ribbon intoContinue reading “garland from fall into winter”

easter eggs

I’m very inspired for Easter this year since we’ll be hosting at our house.  I’ve been decorating, crafting and menu planning.  Here are some Easter eggs I crafted.  Moss bunny rabbit crowned my easter egg display for Paris Flea Market last weekend.  Isn’t he cute?  He sold but of course I have one for myselfContinue reading “easter eggs”

monday musings

Yes, I’m back.  Yes, it’s been awhile.  And yes, once again, I have great plans. I’ve primarily used this blog in the past to keep family & friends back east, in Uruguay and wherever else they may be abreast of our doings in California.  I will continue to do that ‘cuz it does maintain someContinue reading “monday musings”

table scape

So we had some friends over for dinner the other night & took pictures of my table before I forgot and got busy cooking, drinking, entertaining, etc.  I do it every time and I’m happy I remembered this time around. I used my usual wedding china, Citation Lace by Lenox.  our Waterford crystal and myContinue reading “table scape”

sweet valentines

Happy valentine’s day!  Just wanted to pop in and spread some love.  The Amaryllis our friends gave us over the holidays opened up today with perfect timing. Isn’t she a beaut?  You would think I timed it or something, but in reality I was a bit worried I planted her too late.  I didn’t getContinue reading “sweet valentines”