Age of technology

So for whatever reason our computer is not functioning. SO very annoying! Anyway, Matt took it in today and hopefully I’ll have it back in time so I can print out my handouts for Thursdays workshop, which is a whole other topic all together.
SOoooo, how in the world I’m I posting to my blog? My newest, bestest gadget EVER. Yes, I finally own & use, no, overuse, the long coveted iPhone. I am one happy camper!
Anway, hope to be back soon so I can post properly with photos. ‘cuz you know it’s not really a post in my book without a photo, BUT still pretty darn cool. I’m sure there’s a way to do it from here but haven’t gotten there yet. One step/leap at a type.

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  1. evalyn says:

    Yea, on your iPhone–you have been wanting one forever! Now you get to waste away huge chunks of time looking at all the different apps out there–ha! ha!

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