more front yard design details

front yard design
front yard design
farmhouse garden design

overview of the current front yard design updates

We added more hardscape to the top part of the front yard by the curb. We added casual walkways and landing pads using more DG (decomposed granite) and rustic bricks.

front yard design

These hardscape details gave the areas a more structured design, which helped determine plantings placement. Although we will probably add more plantings in the future we are set for the season. Adding the mulch completed the area and gave it a finished look.

details of the front yard design updates

The walkway connects the secondary driveway to the main walkway of the house. You can read about these improvements here {as 2020 unraveled} when we started the front yard remodel project back in 2019. A rustic birdbath is the focal point centered in the pathway.

front yard design with rustic birdbath

The walkway was an easy treatment, relatively speaking, composed of mainly DG, edged by rustic bricks. A painted design on the dirt was easily followed by lining the bricks. Trenches were dug to settled the bricks into the ground using a mallet. Once the bricks were in place the pathway was filled with decomposed granite. The DG ties into the secondary driveway and the {front yard sitting area} design.

I wanted a curved pathway here for various reasons. {1} I wanted to add curves since many of the design elements we incorporated into the yard design involved straight lines, {2} the DG and bricks are easy to form into curves {3} it allowed to connect the back of the driveway to the front of the top walkway.

cottage garden

As I have explained before, the top of the front yard area is divided in two by the main walkway. Although not totally symmetrical I do want both sides balanced, if that makes any sense. The focal point on this side is a vintage urn, which you can read about here {birthday wishes}.

front yard design

We created the same type of treatment as the pathway on the other side by adding a landing pad around the urn. Once again we used the DG and rustic bricks to bring the two sides together in design.

We added a cypress arborvitae to the urn, which I have more details below, so we ran irrigation underneath before building the landing pad. The irrigation line runs up into the urn for proper watering.

front yard design with English inspiration
front yard design

I love topiaries and the manicured feel they provide in gardens. We found these cypress topiary spheres at a local nursery. We added one to the urn and to balance things off, we included two more around the birdbath path on the other side.

front yard design

I love the order and tidiness English gardens provide. The Cypress topiaries remind me of English gardens, but I like that they mimic each other on each side but it’s not a mirror image.

One of the reasons I have had such a hard time to complete this part of the landscape is that I did not know how to reconcile English gardens, cottage vibes and farmhouse feels all in one area.

front yard design
front yard design

Along with the cypress plants we added more plantings around the area. We are maintaining the silver foliage along with white flowers, which is my ultimate vision for this space.

front yard design

We added white geraniums flanked by a variety of lavender. The lavender is Lavandula ang. SuperBlue. Mr. M promised me he would prune the blue before it showed since I want to keep this to mainly white flowers with some soft lavender blooms. Time will tell. I will keep you all posted. 😉

front yard design

We also included white salvia, which I love the tall, thin profiles. Many of the blooms I wish to include in the future include delphinium, hollyhocks, stock, etc, which all have tall, spiky profiles.

The mulch was the final touch which brought everything together and finished off the space. It’s much better than the bare dirt we’ve had for a few years, and I am sure our neighbors are super happy!

front yard design

We opted for black mulch since I think it blends in and lends itself to the aesthetic we have going on. We (and once again I used the term “we” loosely) pored a healthy layer of the mulch throughout.

front yard design

Eventually I hope to plant other blooms in this area, but for now we are done. It’s under negotiation with Mr. M since he does most of the physical work. He wants it clean and uncluttered, which I totally understand, but it needs more in my opinion and Miss M agrees. 🙂.

front yard design

If you have seen the before we remodeled the area then you understand his sentiments. And I agree 100 percent, but I have a bigger vision. Stay tuned.

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final thoughts on the front yard design updates

I think we’ve brought together some different landscape aesthetics. There are some English garden vibes with all the topiaries and formal lines in the garden design.

front yard design

There are also cottage feels with the wilder flowers like the Russian sage and the silver shrubs, which we cannot remember the name. I will do my homework for the next front yard post and hopefully can share the proper name.

There is also farmhouse feels which is definetly spear headed by the livestock fence, which was also built by the boys here {the hogwire fence project}.

cottage garden

Remember gardens are always work in progess. For now, we are happy and we love how it has grown and settled.

how the front yard design has evolved and progressed

front yard remodel updates
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“The love of gardening is a seed once sown that never dies.”

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  1. Your yard and all of the new landscaping looks lovely! You guys did a great job of marrying your styles together. Those silver shrubs are so neat! We have such different zones so it’s fun to see what all is planted in California!

    1. Thanks so much Rachel. It just feels good we’ve done most of it ourselves. I love seeing my son learning all this from dad. It’ll help him in his own home some day. Thanks for the visit friend. XO- MJ

  2. Cara says:

    MaryJo — wow! I love how your vision came together for your yard. I wish I had that sort of thought process when it comes to the outdoors. I have to say, I just do not. I love how you married everything together. I also enjoyed your comment that you are sure the neighbors were happy to see the mulch. When we first moved here, we had a landscaper come and help, our neighbor came over and said can you do something with this? I was kind of upset by the comment, but I have learned over the years, some folks just feel the need to make their comments. I think you did a superb job, I wish I could have you come and put my own yard together. lol. We have grass and a few beds, and that is all. Love the way yours came out!

    1. Omgosh!! That’s not very nice. I’m sorry you had to go thru that. Actually a couple neighbors have already complimented us, which made us feel good. We love it but doesn’t necessarily mean everybody else does. XO- MJ

  3. Anna Price says:

    Oh my gosh MaryJo! This looks SO good. I know you want to add “more” – and I can’t help but envision it with lambs ears and more lavender plants. Maybe even some nepeta. (All of which I believe are drought tolerant). The hardscaping looks fabulous. Kudos to Mr. M!!

    1. Thanks so much Anna. Yes! I want to add lambs ear of sure. Time will tell. XO- MJ

  4. CoCo says:

    Such a beautiful transformation, MaryJo. I know it must have been a ton of work but wow it’s gorgeous. You guys did such a great job. It looks like an English garden and I’m in love! Hugs, CoCo

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