the traveling tea cup comes to visit the masterpiece home

Have you heard about the traveling tea cup? If you have, grab a cup and hear her latest tale. If you haven’t, you are in for a treat. You can read more about it here {the exciting beginning of the traveling tea cup}. The traveling tea cup came for a visit, and she was treated like any other guest would be at the Masterpiece home.

traveling tea cup vignette

My friend, Barbara, from Mantel & Table started this fabulous adventure back in 2020. The traveling tea cup has visited most states in the USA plus many international destinations. She’s the luckiest tea cup in the world!

traveling tea cup

We were graced with her presence in our home, and she was the prefect guest!

a lovely teacup vignette becomes a masterpiece for our traveling teacup

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fun facts about the traveling tea cup

Let me formally introduce you to the traveling tea cup. Meet Tessa Rose. She was born in South Korea to the Hankook family.

tea cups

Tessa Rose has some fabulous details. I love the floral trails on the inside of the cup. Also the circular handle is everything plus the gold trimmed, scalloped plate is fabulous. It’s all about the magnificent details.

traveling tea cup

all about the traveling tea cup visit

Tessa Rose acclimated right into the routine at the Masterpiece household and participated in all the goings on. It was so much fun to have her here.

tales of the traveling tea cup


Like in any visit, Tessa Rose met some new friends. All the tea cups around here came out to play and introduce themselves.

tea cups

Both the demitasse cup with the yellow florals and the gold footed Lily of the Valley cup were thrifted finds. I do not collect tea cups, but for whatever reason these sweet pieces spoke to me. They are lovely to use in decor vignettes for a dainty detail.

tea cups

The yellow and blue floral cup is part of our everyday set from when we were first married. I only have select pieces left as a sentimental reminder. Lastly are cups from our wedding china, which I try to use as often as possible.


Tessa Rose also jumped right in with some DIY projects around here. Remember this garden pottery I shared earlier in the week {Wakefield garden pottery knock off}?

tales of the traveling tea cup

Well, there she is in the mist of all the action. lol. She was super helpful and did not get in the way at all. 😉 Actually I think Tessa Rose would look great with a little plant tucked inside.

traveling tea cup

She also checked out a furniture refurbishing project I will be sharing shortly. TR seemed to approve of all the progress.

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Since it’s mid summer, we spend quite a bit of time in the veggie garden. I think Tessa Rose enjoyed the garden too. The tomatoes are entering the prime harvest season. We have already started to enjoy them, and they are super sweet.

traveling tea cup

The peppers are looking good too. Tessa Rose actually helped harvest some padron and shishito varieties, which we will sauté later in olive oil with kosher salt and cracked pepper.

traveling teen cup in the garden

There’s a tablescape project for the garden sitting area, which we will share soon. It’s such a great space to slow down and enjoy nature. The perfect space to count our blessings and be grateful for so many things.


In honor of Tessa Rose’s visit and to show her how much we appreciate our time together, we created a vignette around her. Give me any excuse to decorate something. Don’t have to ask me twice. lol.

traveling tea cup vignette

I brought out some of my grandmother’s pieces, which coordinate beautifully with TR. You can read more about them here {a Valentine’s ode to my grandmother}.

traveling tea cup

I think the porcelain pitcher and still life painting look like they belong together with TR.


Following along with Tessa Rose’s color palette and floral design, she helped me prepare for a future table scape and DIY project. I will be using pinks in this table design, which is unusual for me but the perfect fit for TR.

traveling tea cup

This table styling will have a pink floral design, which is right up Tessa Rose’s alley. She gave me some good pointers and tips. I am so happy she was here to help.


I know I live in the world of grays and greens with pops of yellow, but sometimes it’s good to branch out. Tessa Rose could not agree more! Stay tuned since I am super excited to share this tablescape real soon.

Enjoying the Joie d’Vivre

So….. since I am not a regular tea drinker, I asked TR if she would be ok with bubbles. She did not mind one bit, and I think she rather enjoyed herself.

tales of the traveling tea cup

Of course I selected a blush sparkling wine, which was a beautiful compliment to TR. Champagne from a tea cup? Why not! It was so much fun and the perfect way for me to enjoy some joie d’vivre with my new friend.

traveling tea cup

The front sitting area is where we enjoy some cocktails before dinner and this was the perfect moment to enjoy some pink bubbles with Tessa Rose.


I could not let Tessa Rose’s visit pass without giving her a tourist experience. The Masterpiece home sits on the East Bay Area of San Francisco.

tales of the traveling tea cup

What more iconic symbol to the city of San Francisco is there, than the Golden Gate Bridge? We took TR to Baker Beach, which has beautiful views of the bridge.

tales of the traveling tea cup

Our new pup Misty, was able to frolic at her first beach experience, while Tessa Rose was able to take in the San Fransisco vistas. I hope she enjoyed this peek at the city by the bay.

wrapping up the traveling tea cup visit

I hope Tessa Rose enjoyed her visit as much as we enjoyed having her here. Thank you Barbara for allowing us to have her and wishing her the best on her next adventure. If you would like more information or details on how you can host Tessa Rose please visit Barbara @ Mantel&Table.

tea cup in the garden

I already have plans for her next visit if life brings us back together. I didn’t get to cook with Tessa Rose or create a floral arrangement. And TR will definitely ride a cable car down a hilly street in San Fransisco next time! Farewell sweet friend!

get the traveling tea cup look

“The lust for comfort, that stealthy thing that enters the house a guest, and then becomes a host, and then a master.”

Khalil Gibran

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  1. sdsikes says:

    What a fun post! I really enjoyed it!

    1. I’m so glad. I really enjoyed our time with her. XO- MJ

  2. Oh SO fun MaryJo – you showed our teacup such a fabulous time! I LOVE the vignette you made for her – it’s so romantic and beautiful, and you’re right, she fits right in! Thank you so much for letting her share life at the Masterpiece household, for the great story of your visit, and for all your lovely photos! You’re a wonderful host!

  3. Cara says:

    Looks like Tessa Rose and yourself had a lovely visit MaryJo. I bet Misty sure loved her first beach adventure too! What fun.

    1. Thanks Cara. Misty was a bit confused by the beach experience. Maybe overwhelmed. I think each time she’ll be more & more enthusiastic. She’s got so much personality, making everything fun! XO- MJ

  4. Kim says:

    MaryJo, what a lovely post. It looks like Tessa Rose had a fantastic time there and what a great host you were. The vignette was so beautiful. It’s always so much fun to read about her newest adventures. Thank you for sharing!

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