thrifted goodies – a S&P shaker collection

Hello friends!  Welcome to the next installment of thrifted goodies! Thrift store shopping is the perfect way to start a collection. Believe me it happens before you know it, and today I am sharing a vintage S&P shaker collection.

vintage S&P collection

Thrifted Goodies is a monthly series where Rachel from the Antiqued Journey and I share thrift store goodness. Topics might include particular finds, tips, techniques and general advice about thrift shopping in general. I list all the thrifted goodies series at the end of this post for your further reading pleasure.

thrifted goodies series

Rachel always has such great finds, and I love how she styles everything in her home. If you don’t know Rachel yet, you’re in for a treat. Make sure to hop over and introduce yourself. Her post Thrifted Goodies – Volume 11 does not disappoint, and you do not want to miss it.

thrifted goodies
Thrifted Goodies – Volume 11

This month we have Jennifer from Cottage on Bunker Hill joining us for triple the fun. Jennifer is sharing thrift stores finds for the garden, which you do not want to miss!

thrift store finds for the garden
thrift store finds for the garden

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collections don’t necessarily start as collections

This S&P shaker collection totally snuck up on me. Seriously. I started with one large thrifted shaker for the kitchen to hold iodized salt. The vintage look with the silver top and beautiful glass silhouette is everything. I don’t use iodized salt much, which I mostly use for baking, since I use kosher salt for everyday cooking.


I found a few similar ones and started scooping them up to sell in my spaces when I was still consigning. This was years ago, but they sold well so I always kept my eye out for them, and then I started buying different sizes and shapes and well you see where I am today.

vintage S&P collection

Thrift stores are a great resource to shop for collections like this. The items are usually priced reasonably, and the selections are unique. I use them in my decor and for stylings, but I usually just display them in my breakfront in the dining room. I also started a collection of green transferware the same way, which you can read about here {the thrifted green transfer ware collection}.

sub categories within the S&P shaker collection

Glass Shakers with Silver Tops

I started only collecting the large glass shakers with the silver tops. The larger sizes lend themselves to many uses, which I share more below. From there, I started expanding into different sizes and styles within the glass category.

vintage S&P collection

Silver Shakers

Then I found S&P shakers in all silver styles which have super, pretty vintage profiles, and I especially love to use these in tablescape projects, which I share more below as well.

vintage S&P collection

Transferware Shakers

As you can see, I have accumulated quite a bit of a collection so I had cut myself off. No more S&P shakers for me…but then…I ran across this brown transferware set…well, excuse me, but they had to come home with me. Besides an addition to my S&P shakers collection, it also compliments my brown transfer ware collection. I love when decor plays double duty!

vintage transferware S&P shaker

Pewter Shakers

The last set of S&P shakers I acquired was the petite pewter set. I love, love love, the little handles and the tray they come on. Too many details to pass up, plus pewter. I was smitten.

vintage Pewter S&P shaker

uses for the S&P shaker collection

Condiments & Spices

The obvious use for S&P shakers is, well, for salt and pepper. To state the obvious. But you can also use the shakers for other spices you might use frequently and have out all the time so it’s in a pretty container, adding vintage style to your kitchen.

vintage S&P collection for spices

Crafting Supplies

I have seen glitter and other craft supplies stored in different shakers. They are great vessels to store smaller items like beads, sequins, etc. and will add style to your crafting space.

vintage S&P crafted shakers


For the larger sizes, I love to use them as vases. Unexpected vessels used as floral vases adds so much interest and dimension to a floral arrangement besides the pretty blooms.

vintage S&P collection decor

Vignette Styling

These delicate, vintage S&P shakers are the perfect little detail to add to a decor vignette. They add an unexpected finishing touch.

vintage brown transferware collection

tablescapes using the S&P shaker collection

Tablescape projects are favorites of mine, which if you are a regular reader around here you know. I love using individual S&P shakers at each place setting. The fact that they are all different makes me happy. I love to mix and match tabletop pieces.

You can get more details and see additional pictures by following links to the original post under the photos.

Red & Neutral Table

red & neutral tablescape
a guide to setting a red & neutral Valentine’s day table

Spring Fling Tablescape

spring fling table
spring fling tablescape

Romantic Tablescape for four

romantic tablescape
romantic tablescape for four

Pewter Garden Table Design

pewter tablescape
thrifted pewter goodies on a garden table design

Fireside Table

fireside tablescape
fireside romantic table for two

Remember you can get more details and see additional pictures by following links to the original post under photos.

crafted decor with the S&P shaker collection

Salt & Pepper Shaker Bottle Brush Christmas Tree Snow Globe Craft

S&P shakers can be the perfect vessel to create snow globes. I created these years back as a Christmas decoration. All the instructions are on the original post and is a great accent for a holiday kitchen.

christmas S&P shaker craft
christmas crafting

Salt & Pepper Button Shakers

I applied the same techniques to create these button filled shakers. I used black & white buttons to look like salt & pepper. They are just a sweet decor accent.

vintage S&P collection

Salt & Pepper Shaker Snowman Soldier Craft

These snowmen soldiers made from vintage salt and pepper shakers by The Vintage Pelican are the cutest thing ever! I haven’t been able to buy myself any because they sell our so fast every year. Who knows, maybe I’ll try my hand at making my own since I have so many shakers now.

wrapping up the S&P shaker collection

I will share a funny tid bit. We actually don’t own a traditional table S&P shaker set. I use my green depression glass salt cellar for the kosher salt and we have a stainless steel pepper mill. We love to cook a lot so I tend to lean towards the commercial and industrial kitchen tools.

vintage S&P collection

Other collections I have accumulated from my thrift shopping excursions include:

  • transferware- green & brown
  • silverplate- trays, pitchers, candle holders, flatware and more
  • ironstone tabletop
  • blue Ball jars
  • frames

Don’t forget to visit Rachel @ The Antiqued Journey and Jennifer at Cottage on Bunker Hill for more thrifted goodies inspiration if you haven’t already.

get the S&P shaker collection look

more thrifted goodies inspiration

“I believe that thrift is essential to well-ordered living.”

John D. Rockefeller

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  1. Oh, I love that pewter set! Pewter is such a New England thing, I just love it. I’ve never seen brown transerfware shakers before, really cute!!

    1. Thanks Jen. I know! That’s why I had to bring that brown transferware set home. Pewter also reminds me of early America & the colonies. Thanks for stopping by & fun to share with you today. XO- MJ

  2. Gosh, MJ!!!! First of all, this collection is stunning. Second, the ideas you shared on different ways of using them are incredible. Those little snowglobes are adorable! Also, I’ve never seen a pair of transferware shakers…I can’t believe you found those!! What a score!!
    So fun, friend!! Enjoy the weekend!

    1. Thanks Rachel! The collection has gotten out of hand and I might start selling some of them but those transferware ones are super cool. XO- MJ

  3. Donna says:

    MaryJo, You have the prettiest salt and pepper collection I have ever seen! I love how you shared all the different ways you can use them! So many creative ideas!

    1. Thanks so much Donna. Just saw your thrift post & I loved it!!! XO- MJ

  4. EsmeSalon says:

    Love those S&P shakers. Gorgeous.
    Thank you from your Vroom Vroom Team for sharing your links with us at #262 SSPS Linky. Please check back weekly to see if featured on the blog post or by any co-hosts.

    1. Thank you! And I will be there next week. Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend.

      1. EsmeSalon says:

        Thank you so much, glad to have you at SSPS As I am in Canada we do not have Memorial weekend, but did have our Victoria Day weekend, last week.

  5. annafromskylarkhouse says:

    Hi MaryJo – Wow! You have a stunning collection of salt and pepper shakers! Your vignettes are beautifully assembled. I also love those brown transferware pieces!

    1. Thanks Anna. Yes collections seem to sneak up on me. Lol. Thanks for popping by. XO- MJ

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