thrifted pewter goodies on a garden table design

Thrifting is a great treasure hunt if you enjoy the thrill of the hunt. I love to hunt for thrifted goodies for home goods, and pewter is one of those things that always catches my eye while thrift shopping. The thrifted pewter pieces are the star of the show in this garden table design. I love how all the pieces came together in this garden table styling.

thrifted pewter garden table design

Today I am joining my blogging friend Rachel @ The Antique Journey on her Thrifted Goodies series. If you do not know Rachel yet, you need to hop over and introduce yourself. Rachel has a ton of thrifty goodness, and today she is sharing her Thrifted Goodies Volume 4. Check it out!

thrifted ironstone
The Antique Journey – thrifted goodies volume 4

Pewter is an alloy metal used in many domestic utensils

Pewter dates back to the 14th century. This alloy metal is mixed with tin primarily. I am attracted to it’s dull finish, which always looks time worn. Pewter to me, looks like it has many stories to tell.

pewter garden tablescape

On this table there’s a mixture of pieces, which I have acquired through many thrifting excursions. I love pewter new and old, but the new pewter pieces I like always seem to cost a small fortune. This is why finding cool pieces while thrifting always excites me, although I am selective of the pieces I choose.

thrifted pewter home goods

Details on the thrifted pewter table goods

I recently found the large plate in the center along with the adorable salt and pepper shakers in a major thrift haul, which I shared on this post {vintage thrifting – tips & tricks}.

thrifted pewter garden table design

The fact that the saying is in Spanish sealed the deal for me, since I wasn’t going to purchase the plate at first. The plate reads “Health, Love and Money plus the Time to Enjoy Them”. Yes, agreed!

thrifted pewter garden table design

The S&P shakers are simply adorable. I bought them really just as a styling tool, since I will never use them for their practical use. The little handles are everything!

thrifted pewter

The accent plates I found at a different thrift store months ago. I had shared them once before here, in this table scape {forced spring bulbs tablescape}. I only found four, but I already spied more on eBay so I know the maker is out there. While thrifting, I will keep my eye out and hopefully stumble across more.

thrifted pewter garden table design

The candlesticks I have had for years. I thrifted them when I was still consigning, and they were in my left over inventory when I decided to quit. Instead of being donated or sold on line, the candlesticks had to stay with me. I couldn’t let go of the pewter. Lol. It just speaks to me. I guess it’s the medieval wench in me. 🤩

thrifted pewter garden table design

The one who stole my heart though, is that little lidded bowl with it’s pretty feet, and lovely handles, plus the embellished flourish relief. It’s so darn cute and you will be seeing it in many different stylings.

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thrifted pewter

Details on the other garden table goods

Willow chargers from a Pier1 brick & mortar store start the plate stack. Wonki Ware white dinner plates and assorted gray accent plates follow on the stack. You can read more about this South African ceramic ware which is amazing here {my latest dish obsession}.

thrifted pewter garden table design

The monogramed linen napkins from Williams-Sonoma I have had for years. I asked for these for Christmas as a newlywed. I still have the set of 12, which I use all the time over a quarter century later, and I highly recommend them as a basic table setting staple for all households. A fringed velvet gray ribbon tied around the napkins ties in nicely with the table cloth.

vintage pewter

French champagne flutes and green rimmed water glasses keep the vibes casual. I used vintage silver-plate flatware to compliment the rustic vibes from all the thrifted pewter pieces.

thrifted pewter garden table design

Details on thrift shopping

I hope you enjoyed this tables cape as much as I enjoyed putting it together. It’s always fun to use all the thrifted goodies we find along the way. Here are some things on my list, which I look for at thrift stores.

  1. Silver plate
  2. Urns
  3. Transfer ware
  4. Ironstone
  5. Petwer
  6. Porcelain china
  7. Vintage glassware
  8. Cast Iron
thrifted pewter garden table design

Thrifting Tip:

Take pictures of current collections you have at home. The picture reminds you of the pieces you have. This helps make the decision if a piece(s) are a good fit to what you already own.

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thrifted pewter garden table design

Please visit Rachel @ The Antique Journey if you haven’t already. She has another amazing {Thrifted Goodies – Volume 4} post waiting for you. You do not want to miss it!

“I was brought up in an era when thrift was still considered a virtue.”

J. Paul Getty


  1. Rachel says:

    I LOVE this, MaryJo!! You have such an eye for pewter…I love those plates with the scalloped edges!! The green moss balls really add so much life to this display and it’s just gorgeous. SO fun thrifting with you today!!

    1. Thanks so much Rachel. Yes, I’m like you, the scalloped edges always get me. Lol. Super fun to thrift with you today! 💛💫 XO- MJ

  2. rawsonjl says:

    That is a lovely table! … and now I’m wondering that I did with my pewter serving platters that I used to have on display in our kitchen…

    1. Oh! I’m glad you liked the table. I hope you find your platters. Pewter is lovely. XO- MaryJo

  3. I’m loving all of it MJ but those salt and pepper shakers stole my heart:) Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm! xo Kathleen

    1. I know! Right? They are the cutest things. Thanks for visiting. XO- MJ

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