pine cone winter table decorations

Today I am sharing a festive winter table using pine cones as the main focal point since we have plenty of winter ahead of us still. This is a fun table using pine cones as the main muse for the table. Come in and check out my winter pine cone winter table.

pine cone table

Winter can be drab and carry on too long for many of us so the more reason to set a pretty table enjoying winter touches inside. I am embracing some of the nature the season brings us, using pine cones as the main table decoration.

pine cone winter table

pine cones as the muse for a winter table

Flowers tend to be the go to centerpiece when setting a pretty table, but I chose pine cones, since it seems to be more fitting to the season.

pine cone winter table decorations

I used big pine cones and small ones to mini ones and dark pine cones and bleached pine cones plus also chunky pine cones and long, skinny pine cones. No pine cone was left behind; actually that is not true since I have a large collection of pine cones, but plenty were used on this tablescape.

pine cone table

Everyplace setting is adorned with a Strobus pine cone wrapped in a frayed gray velvet ribbon. Plus a large bowl grounds the center of the table stacked high with a variety of chunky pine cones.

pine cone tablescape

Scattered around the table are a variety of votive candles surrounding all the pine cone love. These long winter days get dark quickly so plenty of candle light is needed.

winter tab lescape

rustic and refined table elements are always on repeat around here

The wicker chargers and bark napkin rings play along with the organic feels of the pine cones.

pine cone table design

And because I always need a little vintage bling on all my tables, I include vintage silverware and a sterling canapé plate at the top of the plate stack to showcase the place setting pine cones. These could be used as place card holders if wanted.

pine cone table setting

Although I am dreaming of springtime and making gardening plans in my head, I am aware we still have some time to go before we get there even here in California.

pine cone table stylng

I cannot complain about winter though since we have had most days averaging 60o recently. I am still hoping for more rain to keep the fires away later in the year and to help establish our gardens.

winter pine cone table

Sending happy winter {{{vibes}}} to everyone and I hope this inspires you to set a pretty winter table in your home.

pne cone winter table

Pine cones can readily be found in craft and hobby stores but I actually forage most of mine right from nature. I am lucky I have found many traveling locally in a car so the pine cones are easy to transport back home. Please make sure if you are in a National Park or the like you do not take anything from within the park limits.

pine cone tablescape

I have a pine cone craft project coming soon so please make sure to check back. Stay warm friends!

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“Winter is a season of recovery and preparation.”

Paul Theroux

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  1. Matt says:

    Loving the pine cones! Need to go hunting for more.😊

    1. Yes! The crazy pine cone lady. 🤣 XO- MJ

  2. Pinecones are my very favorite thing to decorate with for fall and winter. Can’t wait to see your pinecone craft project!

    1. Thanks Kim. I know and they are such any easy thing to use! I am sure you have tons in the PNW. Stay warm. XO- MJ

  3. Lovely table. Pine cones are in abundance where I live in northern California. Hobby Lobby and Michaels are great store for craft projects. I am coming over from Between Naps on the Porch. Come visit, I just created a Valentine’s tablescape.

    1. Hi Linda! Thanks so much for stopping by. Your Valentine’s tablescape is beautiful. I live in Northern California too. I am on the East Bay; where are you? Anyway, I will head over your way again on Sunday. XO- MaryJo

  4. Loved this table so glad I found you

    1. I am so glad you liked the table Shelley and that you found me. I hope to see you back here soon. XO- MJ

  5. Kim says:

    Love your pine cone winter table MaryJo – it has both a pretty and a rustic feel which is perfect for winter! Thanks for sharing your creativity!

  6. Michelle Keltner says:

    I am loving the way you use the pine cones. The tablescape is beautiful and very earthy/rustic….which is my favorite kind of look. Thanks for linking up!

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