decorating with the red white & blue

Happy July everyone! I am excited to celebrate the 4th of July this year since we have moved to a more normal lifestyle where we can gather and mingle. All this festivity brings with it patriotic decorating and patriotic entertaining, which can be done easily with some simple touches while decorating for the red, white & blue.

4th of July Buffet

Flowers are always pretty and immediately dress up a table or room or even an outdoor area. We are lucky we have blue hydrangeas in our back yard so I always snip some blooms but they can easily be found in most grocery stores or garden centers if you want a potted plant. You can follow the link above to read all about the bouquet I cobbled together last year.

Since true blue flowers are rare, you can also use more neutral flowers with a flag tucked in to immediately give you the patriotic feels. This way you don’t have to search high and low for red, white & blue flowers.

You can also plop your flowers in a red , white & blue container{s} to provide the patriotic decor vibes.

Beyond flowers you can also simply tuck your flags into your houseplants to dress up your greenery. This way you are using what you already have in your home and punching it up, making it festive.

I attached a flag bunting around my goat cart a few years ago which was loaded with a couple of lavender plants on our front porch.

I don’t consider the fourth of July exactly a “decorating” holiday but it’s fun to style one particular area rather than dressing up the house inside and out. A few years ago I focused on our living room mantel.

patriotic mantel

It’s simple decor and once again the seasonal decor mainly includes flags, bunting and baseballs. The purchased “seasonal” decor includes the enamel tray which was a thrift store find and super cheap and the little liberty metal ribbon which was a 50% off grab at some crafty decor store.

I don’t seek out patriotic decor per se, but these were simply impulse buys. They both have a vintage vibe which is totally my jam. Another favorite seasonal item to style is the antique secretary desk in the living room. I just shared in detail and you can read about by just following the link below.

through the seasons – an antique secretary desk

Last year I focused the decor out in the front of the house since we were not mingling with anyone except our immediate family. This way our neighbors hopefully appreciated our patriotic bench.

patriotic decorating details

Tucking flags everywhere is my favorite way to inject some red, white and blue decorative vibes. It’s simple and it’s easy.

I am looking forward to actually share the holiday with other folks this year. Our town will not be holding the 4th of July parade for a second year in a row. Although it tends to be the main event around here, we still will have other gatherings.

Wishing everyone a safe and happy Independence Day surrounded by loved ones!

“Freedom is the open window through which pours the sunlight of the human spirit and human dignity.”

Herbert Hoover



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