easy spring grower pot wreath

I have a super cute Spring DIY wreath to share today.  It is not my own idea since I was totally inspired by all the Spring inspiration you can find online.  Simply by using a grapevine form, peat pots and moss you can create this too.  

Spring grower pot wreath 2

It’s super easy, super inexpensive, and super fast, making it a project anyone can create too and adapt to any personal style.  The only tool you will use is a hot glue gun.

Spring grower pot wreath 3

I had a grapevine form kicking around since I had bought a bunch for another project at Trader Joe’s a few years ago, but grapevine forms are easily accessible at most craft stores.  I always have a variety of moss in my craft stash since I love anything moss {more spring moss projects coming your way soon} and I found the grower seed pots at the Dollar Tree.  I told you it was a pretty inexpensive project.

Spring grower pot wreath 4

Lay out all the grower pots around the grapevine form to reach the right composition.  You want the pots to be arranged in various angles to give a casual feel.  After you reach the proper arrangement start hot gluing all the pots in place.  

Spring grower pot wreath 5

Once all the pots are secured in place, start gluing moss all around the pots.  I used a variety of different types of moss and glued it on the grapevine form, around the pots and inside the pots also spilling out of the pots.

Spring grower pot wreath 6

 I also used some faux greenery I had on hand to add another layer of texture and depth.  I glued it spilling out of a few pots around the wreath.  I kept the color palette pretty tight but you could also add colorful flowers if that’s your jam.

Spring grower pot wreath 7

This was my inspiration and I think one of the things that really attracted me to this project was the muted, monochromatic cold palette.  The great thing is you can adjust the project to be bright & bold as well.  You can paint the grower pots, you can use colorful faux flowers or even dried flowers.

Spring grower pot wreath 8

I considered using dried lavender to maybe add a tinge of color but I really love the muted tones and I kept it simple.  I know this isn’t for everyone, but it works for me and my style.  And I love that the pink lovers out there can add pink blooms or you can paint the pots in an ombre fashion {which would be really cool btw} or even a rainbow.  The possibilities are endless.

Spring grower pot wreath 9

The last detail is the burlap ribbon as the crown or finishing touch.  Once again you can substitute it with a bright, colorful ribbon or a satiny, shiny trim.  Make it your own!

Spring grower pot wreath 10

I finally dragged the Easter bin down from the attic so I set up some Easter decor to create a vignette to anchor my new Spring wreath.  I hung the wreath in the dining room, since I only want to use the wreath inside to protect it from the elements since both the peat pots and the moss are susceptible to inclement weather.  

Spring grower pot wreath 11

You can see how I used my Pottery Barn Mercury glass egg and moss bunnies on my Easter table{mercury glass and moss Easter tablescape} and I also have a DIY on how I created the German glass glitter eggs in the cloche above here{glitter Easter eggs a la Pottery Barn}.

Spring grower pot wreath 12

I can’t believe Easter is right around the corner!  I have so many Easter ideas I hope to share soon but I am running out of time.  Yikes!  I am super jazzed with the Spring weather and vibes that are sprouting all around.
“Here comes the sun, and I say, It’s all right.”
~The Beatles~
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