things to do now that Spring has sprung

Now that Spring is here there are things that can and should be done to prepare for the season inside and outside of the home.  

Things to do sping has sprung2

Here are some ideas that are on my list for Spring to dos but keep in mind this is not a comprehensive list but rather suggestions and inspiration for you to create your own list.

Things to do sping has sprung3

Outside all sort of things are already starting to happen around here and plenty more to come.  So in order to get things primed for a successful growing season we are prepping our gardens from mending soil to fertilizing plants to pruning and trimming unruly growth.

Things to do sping has sprung4

Our ornamental pear trees have bloomed already and we have bulbs that have sprouted.  I am also developing lists of plants, flowers and supplies to provide for the yard’s new season.

Things to do sping has sprung5

More details on updates of the front yard remodel, the veggie garden for the season and more to come soon.  The arbor around the vegetable garden is blooming beautifully at the moment.

Things to do sping has sprung6

It’s a good time to clean out all the containers and planters to be ready for new flowers and plants.  It’s much more enjoyable to plant seasonal containers when pots and planters are clean and organized. And on that note, it’s also a good time to clean gardening tools and sharpen shears, etc.

Things to do sping has sprung7

Inside the home it’s time to fully clean out any remnants from winter, including Valentines day, St. Patrick’s day, etc. decor.  And add Spring touches around the home to bring freshness inside our home.

Things to do sping has sprung8

It’s as easy as adding fresh blooms and plants or more intricate spring decor like nests and birds or even start introducing some Easter decor.

Things to do sping has sprung9

It’s a good time to get organized for Easter if you will be hosting.  I know many of us haven’t hosted anything in a long time or when we have in the last year it has been a bit strange with social distancing, etc.  

Things to do sping has sprung10

We will be hosting some family and it will only be a total of seven of us.  I am working on tablescape ideas and menu preparation.  I haven’t brought down the Easter|Spring bin from the attic yet but I have some ideas for new decorations and projects.  Stay tuned.

Things to do sping has sprung11

Hope everyone is enjoying the warmer weather and everything Spring has to offer.

Things to do sping has sprung12

“Spring will come and so will happiness.  Hold on.  Life will get warmer.”
~Anita Krizzan~
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  1. While I was reading this post it reminded me of things I also need to do for Spring so I started my own list. Thanks for sharing and the inspiration. #HomeMattersParty

  2. MaryJo, love all of these tips and suggestions for Spring prep. Appreciate you sharing and love all your gorgeous photos.

  3. I am so glad I could help Donna. That was the purpose of my post & I am happy it helped. XO- MJ

  4. Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving your sweet comment Trisha. XO- MJ

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