cotton candy champagne cocktail

Hello friends!  I am sharing a fun and pretty cocktail today that is fabulous for any celebration but it’s perfection for the upcoming Valentine’s Day festivities.

Cotton candy champagne cocktail 9

The classic champagne cocktail includes a sugar cube soaked in angostura bitters at the bottom of a glass which is submerged in champagne  | sparkling wine and topped with a citrus peel, which can either be a lemon or orange twist.  The bitters counteract the sweetness of the sugar cube.

Cotton candy champagne cockail 2

For a fun twist on the classic, we use cotton candy instead of the sugar cube.  Simply add a couple of drops of the bitters at the bottom of the glass, fill it with champagne | sparkling wine, and then top it off with a handful of cotton candy.

Cotton candy champagne cocktail 6

This particular cotton candy is champagne flavored, which I found at Target, but I would be inclined that any cotton candy would do the trick.

Cotton candy champagne cockail 3

I followed the traditional champagne cocktail recipe ratios by placing a few drops of aromatic bitters at the bottom of the glass, counteracting the sweetness of the cotton candy, which also adds depth of flavors.  

Cotton candy champagne cocktail 4

The cotton candy provides a super sweet color to the cocktail, which lends itself to the Valentine holiday.  FUN, Fun, fun!

Cotton candy champagne cocktail 5

I was hoping the cotton candy would float and hover on the champagne | sparkling wine but it sunk super fast, which gave the cocktail its fun, rich color and super sweet flavor.

Cotton candy champagne cocktail 8

These cotton candy champagne cocktails are the perfect way to start your Valentine’s Day celebration or as a super yummy dessert | night cap to your romantic evening.

Cotton candy champagne cocktail 7

When it comes to cocktails, I don’t lean towards the sweet side so I was worried this might be too sweet for my palette.  I prevented the over sweetness though by including the bitters for balance and using a brut sparkling wine.  You can also use a dry sparkling wine | champagne if you don’t want it to be too sweet.  On the other hand, if you are a sweet soul, I would recommend using a prosecco, an Italian sparkling wine, which tends to be sweet on it’s own. 

Cotton candy champagne cocktail 1

When mixing sparkling wine | champagne it’s not necessary to use a spendy sparkling wine.  A modestly priced bottle is perfect for this type of drink.

Cotton candy champagne cocktail 10

Save the good stuff when you are drinking it on its own, enjoying the crisp, clean, deep flavors.  Salud!

Cotton candy champagne cocktail 11

“Champagne is one of the elegant extras in life.”

~Charles Dickens~

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  1. Love this! I made a kids version of these for New Years Eve! But everything is better with champagne 🥂

  2. Oh how fun Trisha! You’re kids must have loved it. Super festive. Thanks for stopping by. XO-MJ

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