the trimmed Christmas tree

A trimmed christmas tree

I am glad to say that our Christmas tree for 2020 has been fully trimmed.  I shared here{baubles in a crate} that our tree decorating process had stalled.  It actually had come to a screeching halt.  

A trimmed christmas tree1

Mr. M had set it up in it’s place and strung up all the lights.  Yours truly had draped the ribbon garland, oh so nicely.  And then, there it sat for a few days.  

A trimmed christmas tree2

Then we placed our oversized monogram ornaments as a family and after that…..nothing.  The kids were too busy to adorn the tree with all the ornaments and decorations.  So I waited….so we waited…and finally the other night we ordered pizza{*side note}, cranked Christmas carols and got her done!

A trimmed christmas tree3

*On a side note, California is back on lock down status and all restaurants have been relegated to take out orders only once again.  I feel terrible for all these restaurant establishments since they have invested in heaters, tents, etc. to make the outdoor dining experience as comfortable and enjoyable for the patrons, only to be shut down again.  😔  So we try to support our community by ordering take-out a couple of times per week if possible.  

A trimmed christmas tree4
Ok, back to the tree.  It’s decorated with our usual ornaments as in all years past.  You can read all about our {Christmas tree tradition}here.  

A trimmed christmas tree5

Sebastian did do the honors with the tree topper this year since we missed him for a few months when he was away at college.  It’s good to have him home to enjoy all these traditions with us since if these were normal times he would have been back at school. 

A trimmed christmas tree6

Our ornaments have been collected through the years.  As a newlywed I started with a tight color pallet of cream and gold.  Over the last twenty plus years it has grown to include silver, copper, green and other earth tones.  

A trimmed christmas tree7
There’s lots of glitter, shimmer and sparkle and it makes me smile.  Some have been gifts like the Swarovski crystal snowflakes, which were hostess gifts every year from our old neighbors to our annual Christmas parties or the Lenox ornaments from family and friends which coordinates with our wedding china or many tokens of goodwill that all evoke memories.

A trimmed christmas tree8

I love the ornaments from vacations {mostly sea shells from St. Thomas, Hawaii and Mexico} and other sentimental ornaments like the kids’ first Christmas.  Once again all those memories attached to a little bauble. 

A trimmed christmas tree9

The new ornament for this year…..wait for it…..yup, it’s a roll of toilet paper.  It’s 2020 and we all have to keep a sense of humor.  We sold these at the store where I work.  I only bought it cuz  a} it’s funny,  b} it was tastefully made considering and  c} it coordinates with our tree colorwise.  This should make for a great conversation piece years down the road as a true sign from when the world stopped turning and then started to shake and eventually just turned upside down. 

A trimmed christmas tree10

I am so content the tree is trimmed and the house is decorated inside.  Now I just have to tweak the outside a bit and complete some crafts. Then I plan to get baking with the Masterpiece family.  

A trimmed christmas tree11

‘Tis the season and I am trying to enjoy every second of it, taking it slow and taking it all in. 

A trimmed christmas tree12

“Christmas magic is silent.  You don’t hear it – you feel it.  You know it.  You believe it.”

~Kevin Alan Milne~


  1. Your tree is lovely. Thank you for sharing it this week. And thanks for supporting local businesses. My husband and I did the same thing back in the spring and so far we haven’t gone on lockdown – yet – in TN but if we do we will continue to support our local businesses as much as possible. #HomeMattersParty

  2. Thanks Donna! Yes! I am all about supporting local. I work at a little home boutique in our downtown and the outpouring of support has been amazing. We have more than made up the sales we lost during the shutdowns last spring. See you at you at your next party. Enjoy the season! XO- MJ

  3. What a beautiful tree! And I loved hearing the stories of your ornaments. We’re the same way — they all have a story:) Here’s to creating great memories this Christmas season. There is light at the end of the tunnel! Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm. xo Kathleen

  4. Thanks so much Kathleen. Hope you had a very, Merry Christmas. XO- MJ

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