through the seasons – an ornamental birdcage

Thru the seasons - ornamental birdcage

Next in my “through the seasons” series I wanted to share my ornamental birdcage since I just decorated it for Fall.  If you are not familiar or just curious of my “through the seasons” series you an see all the previous posts at the end of this post.
Thru the seasons - ornamental birdcage 1
The ornamental birdcage sits in front of our big window in the living room and at 28 inches wide by 32 inches tall by 12 inches deep it’s a pretty substantial piece.  I love it and it was a great find at Tuesday Morning many years ago.  My only wish is that it was a vintage piece and not a distressed reproduction but then again it might not have been such a great find then.

Thru the seasons - ornamental birdcage 2

I added some fabric and organic pumpkins to inject a bit of fall.  I usually have a plant and | or some books in here but I have done many different looks for Fall and all seasons throughout the years.  One year I filled the entire thing with real pumpkins.
Pumpkin birdcage 7welcome first day of fall
It was such a great WOW factor.  Fun Fall for sure.  {You can see more pictures by following link to the original post above}.

Pumpkin birdcage

Another year I filled it with pine cones and the like.  Another fun project that took me from fall into winter.

Thru the seasons - ornamental birdcage 3

Filling the birdcage with organic large elements always makes a big statement in a very simple way.

Thru the seasons - ornamental birdcage 7

I love the look and feel.

Thru the seasons - ornamental birdcage 5

For this year I used a mix of pinecones and white pumpkins.

Thru the seasons - ornamental birdcage 6

A black owl and some spiders quickly swoop in for some Halloween fun.

Thru the seasons - ornamental birdcage 8

I don’t regularly decorate the birdcage for Christmas since it gets moved to different spots. We put the Christmas tree in front of the large living room window, which displaces the birdcage.  I did find this snowy owl scene from one year.

Thru the seasons - ornamental birdcage 9

After the craziness of the Holidays passes and we turn to the new year the birdcage takes a pause like most of my decor.

Thru the seasons - ornamental birdcage 10

As Spring creeps in I add some blooms and springtime love.
Orchids 101-6Orchids 101
If you like orchids the above link is a great post all about caring for orchids.

Thru the seasons - ornamental birdcage 11

As springtime blooms it quickly turns into some Easter decor.

Thru the seasons - ornamental birdcage 12

Dried flowers look just as great as fresh flowers.

Thru the seasons - ornamental birdcage 13

The birdcage is a pretty big focal point in our living room so I always try too have an interesting and appropriate vignette.

Thru the seasons - ornamental birdcage 14

Springtime draws into summer time vibes when I tend to use seashells and the like during this time of year.

Seashell decor transition2

My Santos bust even makes it into the birdcage vignettes sometimes.

Seashell summertime decor 2

My girlfriends gave me the Santos as a birthday gift a few years back and it’s one of my favorite pieces to decorate with.  It usually sits in my foyer to welcome all who come through our door.  You can read more about it here {Santos Love}.

Seashell decor transition3

If you enjoyed seeing my birdcage through the seasons you might like my other through the seasons posts listed below.  Happy reading 🙂.
“I always find beauty in things that are odd and imperfect.  They are much more interesting.”
~ Marc Jacobs~

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