a reindeer moss wreath DIY

Reindeer moss wreath

Hello friends!  I wanted to share a quick wreath DIY.  It’s super easy and very organic.  I love all the texture and the color palette.  I figured it was a nice way to ease into some Fall vibes.

Reindeer moss wreath 1

This was my inspiration:

Reindeer moss wreath 4

Unfortunately, for the life of me I cannot remember where I got the inspiration picture from.  I thought it might have been a wreath that Terrain carried but it’s not on their website.  Anyway, to create my wreath, I started with an old wreath I made a few years ago and deconstructed it.

Reindeer moss wreath 3

Little sidebar:  While shopping with friends a few years ago, my girlfriend bought a wreath.  Like always, I looked at the wreath my girlfriend bought and I thought to myself “I can make that myself”.  You know how many times that happens and I never create whatever it might be?  Well, in this instance, I actually got it done.  Here’s a side by side comparison:

Reindeer moss wreath 5

Not bad, but my version of the above had gotten tired and worn {mostly in my mind} so I wanted to liven it up.  Don’t get me wrong, I loved it for a long time through many seasons.  Here it is all decked out with some sunflowers.

Reindeer moss wreath 6

Here it is ready for Halloween with a skull & a crow.

Reindeer moss wreath 7

This past Spring I hung a school banner in honor of Master Masterpiece since he was a graduating Senior in High School.

Reindeer moss wreath 8

So you see it got plenty of limelight, but alas the faux succulents were not doing it for me anymore and all good things must come to an end.

Reindeer moss wreath 9

Who knows, in a few more years I might reinvent it again, but for now I am loving my new creation.

Reindeer moss wreath 10

Anyway, for this version all you need is a grapevine form, reindeer moss, a wire wreath form and a hot glue gun.  {Tip: I got my wire form at Hobby Lobby for $2.99 but I actually just saw them at the Dollar Tree}. 
Reindeer moss wreath 2
I chose to use the wire form and attach it to the grapevine wreath with wire so it would be easy to deconstruct in the future and not ruin the grapevine wreath with hot glue.

Reindeer moss wreath 11

To assemble I simply hot glued the reindeer moss to the wire form.  Use as much moss as you wish; more if you want it bushy or less of you want the moss to be a subtle accent.  It is totally a preference thing and either way it will look amazing.

Reindeer moss wreath 12

“The secret of change is to focus all your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.”
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  1. Gorgeous! I love the simple elegance of this and it’s just stunning. Featuring when my link party opens up tonight! Thank you for sharing.

  2. Your wreath is gorgeous MaryJo! I love the versatility of twig wreaths and adding the reindeer moss really makes it pop! Thanks so much for sharing it with us at Farmhouse Friday!

  3. Thank you so much Carol! I love your parties and totally appreciate the feature. Have. great day friend!
    XO- MJ

  4. Thank so much for stopping by Michelle and leaving your sweet comment. I am glad you liked my moss wreath.
    XO- MJ

  5. I like it, looks nice! Thanks so much for linking up with me at A Themed Linkup 48 for Crafts and DIY. Pinned!

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