container gardening 2020

Container gardening 2020

This is just a light post to show the gardening containers I have potted so far this year {still the weirdest year ever}.  The reproduction olive buckets I have in the goat cart by the front door serve as cache pots so I simply slip in the grower containers and make sure they get plenty of water.

Container gardening 2020 1

This is extremely low maintenance.  I love the silvery tinted foliage and Daisy-like flowers.  White Daisies have always been a favorite for me.  These are Argyranthemum Aramis Snow, which I picked up at our local Ace store.  We are in the process of a front yard remodel, which you can read about here, and my color palette for the plants is silver foliage with white flowers so these caught my eye right away at the garden center.

Container gardening 2020 2

On the front porch I also have a chippy wooden window box with two 6″ terra cotta pots inserted inside where I placed some pretty Pansies.  If my flower selections are not white I am gravitating to the violet | bluish hues.

Container gardening 2020 3

Next to the front door | porch we installed a gravel sitting area as part of the front yard remodel.  It’s a great spot to have an early morning cup of coffee or a late afternoon beverage of choice.

Container gardening 2020 4

I am using an antique capital as our side table where I placed a crown that I use as a planter.  I use a rusty tomato can as my planter for this vine plant inside the crown.  I think the crown is meant to be a candle holder and this 28 oz. can is the perfect size to fit in the middle.  I will be sharing more details about this area real soon.

Container gardening 2020 5

On the back patio table I have a large old enamel basin I planted full with Bacopa Blutopia I picked up at The Home Depot.  Actually, Miss Masterpiece planted it and she did a fabulous job.  The basin had been full of succulents for a few years now and they had gotten very leggy and messy.  So Miss M and I transplanted all the good ones to a different planter.  The succulents were great because they lasted from year to year through the winters but we will have to change these out eventually since these flowers are annuals.

Container gardening 2020 6

On one end of the patio resides my Paris old door with my galvanized containers.  I hung a rusty pail from the door filled with Glechoma Variegata.  I will share more of this area real soon since I’m skill tweaking, fluffing and planting to complete the feel.

Container gardening 2020 7

On the opposite side of the patio sits my green etagere with a variety of planters.  I continued the tight silver and white color palette over here as well.

Container gardening 2020 8

Even the hanging planter and all the surrounding planters are dressed up in grays and whites.

Container gardening 2020 9

I realize this color palette might seem boring or even drab for some but I find it clean and peaceful.  The flexibility to change looks and colors is one of the reasons I love container gardening.  I appreciate changing them from season to season and year to year as tastes and trends flow.

Container gardening 2020 10

 Injecting a little bit of blue here with these dainty flowers, Isotoma-Blue Star Creeper.  I love the little mushroom stakes I found @ Target years ago.  It’s a silly little detail that makes me smile.

Container gardening 2020 11

I have quite a few more planters to pot since the front yard project is taking most of my time & attention.  As I get more containers done I will share here.
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“Above all, I must have flowers, always and always”.
~Claude Monet~


  1. Everything is so beautiful! I Have been planting over the past few weeks as well 🙂

  2. Thanks so much Kristin! Yes, gardening is a huge trend with all of us staying at home. = ). I’m glad you stopped by.
    XO_ MaryJo

  3. All of your containers and pots look lovely MaryJo. I especially love the daisies at your front door. They are such ‘happy’ flowers!
    Thank you for sharing your container gardening at Create, Bake, Grow & Gather this week. I’m delighted to be featuring your pretty garden at tomorrows party and pinning too.

  4. You have so many beautiful containers and your flowers are so full and lush! Thanks for linking up to Best of the Month last month. Even though we are on summer break, I shared a post of features and yours was one of them! I will also be pinning and sharing on Instagram stories this weekend. Thanks again for joining us and have a nice weekend!

  5. Thank you so much Shelley! This was wonderfull!
    XO- MJ

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