garden orbs

I bought these garden orbs a few years back from Target.   They were a STEAL.  Seriously!

Garden orbs

I did the shopping dance with them I often do.  I saw them at my local Target and looked at the price, and although the regular price was reasonable, I just did not see the need to purchase them at the moment.   I saw them again and again at a few different Targets and each time I picked them up, looked at them, wanted them, but every.single.time I put them back.

Garden orbs1

Until when I saw one on an end cap clearance display and it was priced around $13+ {I forget exactly now; it’s been awhile, but it was around there}.  so it went home with me, BUT I needed | wanted two so the search began.  I found another one fairly easily at another target but it was also the last man standing.

Garden orbs9

Anyway they sit on my black cast iron urns {you can read more about my love affair with cast iron here} which flanked my front door and now flank the church pew on the front porch.

Garden orbs2

So to give you some perspective, these are some  garden orbs from terrain.  I know!  Right?  II told you it was a steal.   So I know terrain can be a bit pricey so to give you some additional perspective here is another source and another.   Yup, total score.  My orbs are 18 inches in diameter btw, which turned out to be the perfect size for my urns without any measuring or planning.  It was just meant to be.

Garden orbs3

After their holiday party dress came off they sit patiently waiting for the next best thing.  Just like the inside of the house the front porch goes through a barren period after the holidays.

Garden orbs4

I have done various different things through the seasons.  Obviously Christmas is always fun with greenery, pine cones, baubles and snow balls.  I added the lights this past holiday season after seeing this.  They are on a timer so its great and adds another layer of detail.

Garden orbs5

Fall is also fun with pumpkins, greenery, pine cones, etc.

Garden orbs6

I don’t do the same thing each year so it’s always fun to create something new.

Garden orbs10

If I don’t dress them up for fall then sometimes I use them as halloween props.

Garden orbs11

The spider web | sac was a fun one.

Garden orbs14

Sometimes the orbs get displaced but they are never too far away.

Garden orbs7

I planted string of pearls in forms that sit on the urns and in turn the orbs rest on top.

Garden orbs8

They sit perfectly and still allow for a plant or seasonal decor inside.

Garden orbs12

Last spring I had foxglove growing through them.  I loved the look and I’m trying to decide if I do the same thing this year or change it up.

Garden orbs13

Do you have any ideas or suggestions?  I would love to hear them.
“Design is thinking made visual.”
~Saul Bass~


  1. Orbs are so wonderful, aren’t they? Love the way you use them….and I am so waiting for Spring to come!

  2. You’re right, the orbs were meant to be. They look right at home on your porch and I love each way you’ve decorated with them. Thank you for sharing with us at Celebrate Your Story, and have a great weekend.

  3. How pretty! Thank you for showing us several ways to use the orbs! I’d like to feature your post this week at Tuesdays with a Twist -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

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