happy hallow’s eve

Busy, busy day.  It started with Halloween parade at Lexi’s elementary school followed later on by classroom party at lunch and topped off with block party in our neighborhood and we can’t forget the amazing trick or treating to wrap it all up.  It was awesome and perfect but i. am. e-x-h-a-u-s-t-e-d !!!
We leave for a 5 day trip to Disneyland in the morning and we are all quite uber excited in this  household, but before we close the chapter on October I just wanted to share some of the Halloween spookiness we’ve had around the house for the last few weeks…
Someone’s been trying to crawl out of the piano all month but if you look closely all she/he left behind is their hand.
Mr. owl is new this year and he’s been hanging out w/ my ivy plant in the bird cage that is undergoing a spider siege.  Sorry, none of the pictures were very good with the sun back lit.
We also had a crow peking at a skull on the sideboard in the living room under a cloche.
Outside we set-up a witches parking lot which was also new this year.  This was inspired by a Pinterest image & I created the sign myself which reads “witches parking only violators will be toad”.
I love the witches’ shoes I bought to finish off the vignette.  I got them from Olde Liberty Primitives on Etsy and Jacqueline did a fabulous job.  Love them!
Loving these green pumpkins.  I didn’t get any orange pumpkins for the house this year.  Green, yes.  White, yes.  Really, really loving the green but not as much as I love these two:
Sorry about the bad quality from these last couple of shots, used my iphone & it’s evident.
Disneyland here we come!


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