table scape

So we had some friends over for dinner the other night & took pictures of my table before I forgot and got busy cooking, drinking, entertaining, etc.  I do it every time and I’m happy I remembered this time around.
I used my usual wedding china, Citation Lace by Lenox.  our Waterford crystal and my grandparents glasses from Spain as water glasses.
The flatware and the candelabras I inherited from my parents.  I love using them and I do every chance I get.
The silver serving pieces are pieces I’ll be selling at the Paris Flea Market sooner or later.  Right now I’m having fun playing with them.
The main reason I had fun with this table scape though is all the little succulents I’ll be selling next month at Paris Flea Market.  I’ve collected a bunch of mismatched sugar bowls and creamers and with a little succulent and some Spanish moss, voila! They look adorable.  Some are glass some are ceramic and some are silver and I love them grouped together.
As I look at these pictures I realize I took them before I put the napkins out.  I remembered the napkins and something else in the shower (apres photos) and I can’t remember what the other thing was already.  Clearly not that important anymore.
Bon appetite!



  1. evalyn says:

    That looks lovely! Is that sheet music for place mats?

  2. maryjo materazo says:

    YES! i totally forgot to mention that in my post. i spied it on pinterest (wish i could claim the idea for myself) and it was a great convo piece. i bought the sheet music for $1 @ a thrift store (4 books for a quarter each). i figured they were disposable & i would just toss after the dinner party but they survived unharmed. i’ll be using them again for sure! i owe u an email for expo. gotta look at my calendar & i’ll let u know. would love to catch up! xo

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