f-i-n-a-l-l-y !

I have a 9 year old boy and a 6 (almost 7) year old girl.  Until not too long ago they both had lost their two front bottom teeth.  That’s it!  4 teeth between the 2 of them in 15 years combined.
Well, a couple of weeks ago Lexi came to me with a loose, VErY LooSE, front tooth.  I told her that it would no doubt be out by the end of the day.  This was on a Sunday.  I gave her some apples to guarantee the outcome by the end of the day.  Nope.  Sucker was still there on Monday so I sent her to school with a small ziploc baggie, ‘cuz I was sure it would fall out at school.  Nope.
Got to the point I forgot about it although it was hanging by a thread, hanging at a weird angle, but still hanging on.  She solicited help from Matt & I but neither of us could bring ourselves to finish the job.  So there it hung….
Then at one of big brother’s many baseball games the little sucker popped out.  Totally surprised me since I had truly forgotten about it but I still had my trusty little ziploc bag in my purse and safely it made it’s way home to wait for the tooth fairy.
So she might be 2-1/2 years younger but she’s got big brother beat on this one.  Sebastian has NO teeth loose and we’re assured by the dentist that it’s ok .  I have this terrible premonition of tooth extractions in my future but I’ll cross that bridge when life brings me to it.  Until then I’ll enjoy this cute girl with the BIG gap where her top front tooth use to be.




  1. Kirsty A says:

    Love the photo that accompany this story.My 8-year old had a double ga at the front for most of Year 3.
    Can I suggest you sign up for a Google profile to make it easier to comment on Blogger blogs, even though you’re using Typepad.

  2. evalyn says:

    Super-duper cute!

  3. JJ says:

    He he – we’re going through loose teeth here at my house too. Great idea about the zip lock – I’m going to stick one in my purse right now!
    Thanks for the kind comments on my blog!
    (PS – if you decide to use glue dots on the styrofoam trees, I would highly recommend painting the trees with acrylic paint or gesso before hand – the glue dots will stick better) 🙂

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