around here…..

So I have so much to post, so much to tell, so much to write about… our trip to Disneyland, and our current halloween preparation, and Lexi’s sleepover, and my scrapbooking updates, and just what’s going on around here in general….
I’ll start with what monopolizes our weekends this beautiful fall season.  Lexi’s soccer matches on Staurdays and Sebastian’s baseball games on Sundays.
Lexi has soccer practice every Monday and Wednesday to prepare for her Saturday matches.  She’s on the Cheetah team in the mustang u7 soccer league and we’re in the sidelines w/ Auntie Fabianna every week.
Warming up before the game…..


She likes to play goalie…..


In action during the game…..


It’s so darn cute.  Lexi definitely goes in energy spurts during the game, running full force and getting on top of the ball to totally hanging back & observing.  I can’t figure it out, but as long as she’s having fun, it’s all good.  And hey, when she’s involved in the action she’s pretty good and that’s all I can ask.  And it is amazing to see how all the girls have advanced since the season began when the games consisted of a swarm of girls running after the ball.  now they break up more although they don’t necessarily have any strategy.  Very cute nonetheless.

Baseball fall ball is run by the San Ramon baseball little league since our league, Danville little league, doesn’t organize fall baseball.  Anyway, it’s very laid back for instructional purposes really and it gives the boys a chance to pitch and steal bases before they start double A next spring.  Sebastian is on the pirate’s team and matt is Managing again with practices on Friday afternoons and games every Sunday.  So once again you’ll find me on the sidelines every Sunday.
at bat…..
on the mound……



in the field…..


I love to look through these photos of Sebi with his long hair sticking out of his helmet and baseball cap.  He had the total surfer dude look going on and he wore it well.  But alas all good things come to an end and both sissy and Seb got short haircuts before we headed down to our annual Disneyland trip.  Hey it’s only hair right?  It always grows back.
The before picture…..


and the after shots…..


Lexi’s cut is totally sassy and she wears it well.  It’s chin length in the front angled from the nape of her neck.  Her hair falls perfectly and she looks totally adorable.  She chose chin length and I requested the angle and it worked well together.  I hope we can continue to share girlie things through the years in agreement and enjoyment.
Meanwhile, Sebi seemed to grow and mature all at the same time after his haircut.  I love my handsome boy.  Doesn’t matter what his hair looks like, he just wears it well.  Here he is enjoying his lollipop from the Cool Tops locale.
After the haircuts we went home to enjoy our last night home, packing & preparing, before waking up early for our annual road trip to Anaheim to spend 5 fun filled days in Disneyland.  Stay tuned for Disney details…..


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