summertime ~ part II

In July we were blessed with the annual summer visit from grandma Marina & grandpa Mike.  The kids were counting down the days and we all anticipated the fun that lay in store.  This time we visited Pismo Beach & Hearst Castle.  First order of business while in Pismo beach?  Celebrating grandma’s birthday!
The next day we visited Hearst Castle.  It was beautiful, interesting, amazing….
The view from the castle.
Courtyard outside the main house as oppose to the several guest cottages, which are larger than most single family homes.
Outdoor pool…can definitely envision synchronized swimming here.
Main house turrets.
Not sure what Lexi is pouting about; probably ‘cuz there’s no princess at this castle.
Indoor pool.  There were so many artifacts, art, raw materials imported from all over the world.  Truly a mini museum in itself.  We only did tour #1 which is a good overall, introductory tour.  I would love to go back & do another tour where we can see the kitchen and some upstairs bedrooms.  This tour included the lavish living room where guests gathered before dinner, the vast dining room as well as the theater room where guests were ushered into after dinner.
Although it was sunny most of the time Pismo Beach was pretty cold & windy while we were there.  The beach was not really appealing for us east coast folks, but the one saving grace?  Hot tubs in our units!
The kids spent almost all the time in the hot tub while we were in our rooms.  fun, Fun, FUN!!!
YES, the kids definitely had fun.  They love to have grandma & grandpa around.  Once we came home though we did take one night out for adult fun only .  We went to Salvatore’s Ristorante in Walnut Creek.
’til next time grandma & grandpa.  We can’t wait!


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  1. evalyn says:

    Hearst Castle is so awesome! I took my mom there back in June. We went on tour #1 as well; next time I’d like to do the garden tour or the nighttime tour.

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