summertime ~ part I

Spirit Lake Idaho.  Another great trip.  Much more fun had.  Additional memories made.  I spent the week with the kids there & Matt visited for the weekend.  Fun was had by all.
For sure these beautiful girls had fun with each other.
No doubt these handsome boys had a blast.
And clearly the adults enjoyed themselves too but I won’t go into further detail.
I love the tranquility all the nature affords along with all the great diversions.  We’re very fortunate to have such great friends who open up their cabin to our family.  Thank you Bertas!  We didn’t have a dull moment…..
From the boys dancing Saturday Night Fever on the tube…..
To the girls riding on the paddle boat…..
To the boys going on a 4 wheel drive thru the wilderness…..
To Lexi catching the biggest rainbow trout EVER…..

And speaking of Lexi, we celebrated her 6th birthday while we were there.

Her request for dinner?  Steak, mashed potatoes & aspargus.  That’s our girl!  Love the foodie in her from a young age.  Btw, those are the cupcakes that Emily & Lexi decorated on their own.  just saying…..
And although we went out on the boat at dusk a few times and I went down this beautiful water path a few times as well I never, ever caught sight of a moose.  And like I tell Lisa, it just gives me reason to come back next year, not that the endless toys and memorable good times aren’t enough!  Don’t sell Bertas, don’t sell!  {selfish, I know…..}
After we got home we geared up for the 4th of July.  We celebrated with the downtown parade as usual.
Followed like always with a good ol’ American bbq.  This year we went to the Lees who had enough drink & food for all of us for about a week straight.
Here’s Lori on wine cooler #3.  Hee, hee.  I haven’t had a wine cooler since the mid ’80 probably….. but who am I to talk since I’m still depressed that Zima was taken off the market.  Good times indeed!  Love summer time!


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  1. evalyn says:

    Sounds like you’re having a great summer!

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