theme kits

When I restructured my business model for my tiny enterprise last fall one of the items I integrated were monthly “theme” kits, allowing the monthly workshops to be specifically “technique” driven.  I spoke about it a little bit here {yes, halloween happened}, but I never formally announced it on my blog nor have I promoted it either.  So here I go posting it all to date and going forward I hope to make monthly entries much the same way I do for the technique workshops.
Each month kits are assembled around a given theme & I give a couple of layout ideas.  There are no written instructions provided simply colored photo ideas.  Although I usually show a couple of layouts the kit should provide about a half dozen pages if not more.  These kits are usually only available for a window of time @ $20 for my club members & $25 otherwise.
march – birthday celebration
 Mar 10 celebration - sample 1
Mar 10 celebration - sample 2
february ~ sweet valentine
 Feb 10 sweet valentine - sample 1
Feb 10 sweet valentine - sample 2
january ~ homespun
 Jan 10 homespun - sample 1
Jan 10 homespun - sample 2
december ~ winter holiday
 Dec 09 winter holiday - sample 1
Dec 09 winter holiday - sample 2
november ~ autumnal
 Nov 09 autumnal - sample 1
Nov 09 autumnal - sample 2
october ~ halloween
 Oct 09 halloween - sample 1
Oct 09 halloween - sample 2
september ~ back 2 school
 Sept 09 back to school - sample 1
Sept 09 back to school - sample 2
April will be a {spring} theme followed by May (Mother’s day} theme; can you guess what June is?


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