lexi ~ the graduate

Congratulations grudge
Lexi experienced her first graduation on friday.  Yup, she graduated preschool.  I was a little bit more emotional than I was at Sebastian’s grizzly graduation since Lexi is my last baby.  She’s so sweet & cute at times she makes my heart melt.  Just look at this picture above!!!  The ceremony celebration was pretty much the same as it was 3 years ago but Ms. Angel, Lexi’s primary teacher, was a bit more emotional herself this time around.  She had taught & nurtured many of the older siblings {like Sebastian & Lexi} so she was bidding farewell to quite a few families she had become very close to.
We love Ms. Angel and the entire family at ACLC.  We will be forever thankful to them for setting such a wonderful foundation for our children’s academic & social journeys.  I can’t believe I’m ending my career at ACLC, but I’m looking forward to having Lexi & Sebastian in the same school again.  we followed the ceremony at the school with a pizza party at Primos downtown were she celebrated with about 20 of her friends.  Fun – fun – fun!  I’m very proud of this little graduate and look forward to her accomplishments in kindergarten.
I have a similar shot like the one below on Lexi’s first day as a Grizzly bear {the “seniors” at ACLC} & I can’t wait to scrapbook them together, comparing her growth & changes through this very important year.  This is what being a mom / parent is all about!
And although I’m proud & happy for my baby girl, at the same time a part of me is sad that she’s growing up & moving on to the next stage in life.  I’m very thankful that it’s a good life!  Congratulations Alexandra!


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