the playoff crazies


So this is Sebastian’s 3rd year in little league, 5th year doing some kind of baseball activity, BUT it’s the first time he’s had actual playoff games on dirt fields with umpires, score keeping and crazy mothers screaming on the sidelines.  Yup, it’s pretty exciting.  He’s on the Cardinals team of the Farm division on the Danville little league and all season the boys played on grass, did not keep score (officially) and just had fun playing their hearts out.  Sebastian lucked out ‘cuz he’s on a great team, based on friends.  There are 13 kids on the team, 11 of which attend Montair elementary and 7 which are in the same 1st grade class with him.
So it’s been a great season.  Matt has been a great assistant coach.  I’ve enjoyed myself on the sidelines with a great group of parents.  Lexi has played with some old friends and made new friends with some of the siblings.  Well, on Friday we had our first playoff game; there’s two playoff games and if you happen to win both you play in a third and final game for the championship of your division.  So if you had asked me mid season or heck even at the last season game if we would win I probably wouldn’t have been too confident.  No big deal, right?  It’s all about having fun and learning fundamental baseball at this stage, right?
Well…. the Cardinals will be playing the rays tonite for the final game!!!  Pretty darn exciting, let me tell ya!  Our boys have been fantastic and although the coaches were trying to stress playing your best and strategy to the last play of the last game, the mothers were going nuts on their feet on the sideline!  Winning the first playoff game against the As, the other Montair team, on Friday night was pretty exciting.  This was followed by our end of the season party, which made for a festive night.  BUT winning the 2nd playoff game against the Giants, coached by our coach from last year, was THRILLING for all of us.  So I’m excited & nervous & proud all at the same time for my big guy Sebastain for tonight’s game.
I’m proud of my boys and the excitement has just given me a glimpse into what the years ahead might bring.



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  2. maryjo materazo says:

    mercy rule. not so pretty, but SO much fun. we had music & and an announcer and medals awarded. so we got 2nd but it takes 2 teams to have a championship as they said….good times!

  3. Kelly says:

    Congratulations anyway! I bet it was a blast!

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