Open house grunge

Last week was open house at Sebastian’s elementary school where I was able to experience all the fabulous things he has learned and created throughout his first grade career.  Unfortunately Matt was on a business trip so he was not able to join us, BUT Sebastian had a brilliant idea.  “mommy you can bring the camera & take pictures of all my stuff so daddy can see it”.  It was/is a great idea, BUT I really did not want to bring the camera & carry it around, etc. (I know, bad mommy of the year award).  BUT I did bring the camera & document everything (mommy status redeemed) AND in retrospect I’m really happy I did.  Now I have all this evidence of his 1st grade masterpieces~
This is just a random sampling, but you get the idea.  I love all his work!  He’s been talking a bunch about 2nd grade lately & he’s ready for the next level in his video game of life, BUT not as ready as he is for summer vacation!


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