lovely lady lexi

Sebastian, as my first born & the elder sibling in our family has had the lion’s share of the social network, activity circuit & event participation… BUT his lovely, little sister Lexi is catching up full force.  Remember this post not too long ago?  Well, last week was all about Lexi and more often than not Lexi seems to be gaining more&more momentum.  I knew this would happen eventually so I wasn’t really worried, and don’t get me wrong, Sebastian still has plenty going on to keep half of my attention & energy level going full throttle,  but last week was much to do about lovely lady Lexi:
Here we are on Monday at the Mother’s day celebration at Lexi’s preschool.  the kids sang to us and made some fun crafts and we all enjoyed some yummy snacks.
Here she is with her bff.  they met on the very first day of preschool as {little bears} and have been inseperable ever since.  They have spent their preschool years together and are only a few weeks away from graduating as {Grizzly bears}.  They play really well together and love each other very much so I’m really sad that they will not be attending the same elementary school in the fall.  I hope to keep their friendship going through playdates though.
On Thursday it was observation week for her dance class where they have been practicing really hard for their recital next month.  Observation week means we get to sit inside the studio & watch up close & take lots of photos & videos.  Of course I always take too many……
IMG_1952  IMG_1960 IMG_1961 IMG_1971 IMG_1999 IMG_2003 IMG_2002
And then on Sunday we had the professional photo shoot for said recital.  Here she is in her {mickey mambo #5} outfit.  I wasn’t crazy about it when I saw it, when I ordered it, when I got it & even when I tried it on her for the first time, but I must admit she makes anything look pretty darn cute.
Here she is with two of her school friends, who also happen to be in her dance class.  How adorable are they?  Can’t wait to see them do the {Mickey Mambo #5} on stage!



  1. evalyn says:

    She’s so cute. I always love recital season–the littlest girls are so adorable!

  2. Kelly says:

    Too cute! Great photos! I especially love the first one at practice and all the ones with her recital outfit! I bet the recital will be a blast.

  3. tia mary says:

    Me encanta !!!!!
    Debe ser tan disfrutable verlas bailar …
    Lexi es super fotogénica y graciosa, divina !!!!!

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