memory works steps it up!!

So my new Memory Works catalog is out & once again they have done it again!  They have produced a beautiful piece of eye candy that exceeds my expectations with a fantastic, new & innovative product mix.  This is my 3rd catalog launch I have experienced with Memory Works and my 4th catalog that I have represented.  I’m so proud of them not only as a scrapbooker but also as a marketer.  They really do not disappoint but quite the opposite; just when you think it canNOT get any better than last year, it does!!!  Anyway enough of that.  You can check out all the product lines here.  Just drop me an email if you’re interested in ordering anything.
Not only has the home office produced a wonderful piece of inspiration with the catalog, but they have also been doing wonderful PR.  They were the featured sponsor and gave away a spot for the annual retreat on Ali Edward’s blog and Cathy Zielske’s blog.  Brilliant!  I’m very excited that they are exerting such wonderful marketing fairy dust.  It shows the company is going in a wonderful direction and I’m happy to be along for the ride.


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