i’m back!

I know, I know, sad blog performance for 2009 so far.  I will stop making promises, I just simply want to post a few things.  My February & March workshops since I do like having records of them on my blog.  AND pictures of my kiddos for the sake of my family & friends sprinkled thru the USA & Uruguay.
Here’s my sweet ballerina.  Lexi is actually entering a really sweet phase.  I know you all think she’s really sweet already, BUT she’s got you all fooled.  Age 4 was by far her most challenging (so far).  Anyway, she’s saying really big girl things in her very sweet voice & she makes me smile all the time.
Big boy played basketball for the first time this winter and did way better than I anticipated.  Sebastian continues to be Sebastian. he’s on the bright side, yet uses his smarts to see how much he can get away with & how he can work the system rather than to make the best decision at any given time.  That said, though, he is a really sensitive guy and makes me proud frequently.
{Sebi’s the one peeking his head in the back w/ that smile I love so much}.  We missed the team photos since it was the week we went to St. Thomas so Matt took some group shots on the last day before they all received their trophies.  That’s a good man.
Here’s my March workshop that focused on the use of flowers.  Since some of my regular club member moms only have boys in their lives I made 2 different 2 page layouts (one is slighly more swirly &  feminine whole the other is a bit simpler & masculine).
2pg layout a
2pg layout b
and here’s the 1page layout for march’s flowers:
1pg layout
My February workshop focused on brads, snaps & eyelets.  We created a 2 page layout and a 1 page layout, while learning the differences between brads, snaps & eyelets (no grommets) and different methods to use all of them (ie. functional vs. simply decorative, etc.).
2 pg layout
1 pg layout
I won’t list all the supplies used in these workshops since they have already transpired and it seems to defeat the purpose.
hope to be back real soon……..


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