TwilightYes, that’s where I’ll be at midnight tonite.  From a couple of posts ago we all know that I’m obsessed (or was) with the Twilight book series by Stephenie Meyer.  I read the first book, Twilight in one day, also the said movie above, which I will be enjoying this evening/morning.  Yes I neglected my children & home, but it was short lived.  I read it so fast though I went back for a second look & reread the whole thing to really soak it in.  I then proceeded to read the 2nd, 3rd & 4th books, New Moon, Eclipse, Breaking Dawn respectively all in a row twice over.  This was all in about a 2 week period.  Yes, I devoured them.  Stephenie Meyer is a wonderful story teller & I can’t wait to see how Hollywood does in telling the story on the big screen.  I’ll do my telling tomorrow.
I’m also waiting for Stephenie to finish Midnight Sun, which is basically the first book, BUT from Edward’s perspective.  It’s so interesting to see what was going on inside his head versus Bella’s.  I’ve also either read or heard an interview w/ Stephenie Meyer were she states that the story is over from Bella’s voice but it could have additional books from other narrators.  She mentioned Leah which does absolutely nothing for me, but we will have to wait & see; right now my anticipation is simply for the Twilight midnight viewing.


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