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Or as Martha would say a “good thing”.  Anyway, a little store in town called the Polka Dot Attic moved locations over spring break because the town is tearing down her cute little store along with a bunch of old buildings to build condos.  They call it progress, but I wonder……….???  Anyway, back to the story, I always saw the little store when I would drive by, wanting to stop in & check out all the fun stuff.  Old linens, toys, books, plates, jewelry, etc. etc. etc.  then as I’m posting all the stuff we’re selling on Craigs list (where I’ve sold a terrific amount of stuff btw), I see an ad for the Polka Dot Attic.  50% off of everything prior to move.  Smart, who wants to pack all that crap up, right?  Apparently she used a bunch of high school kids over spring break to move the store, but I’m getting off track again.  So I popped in one day with both kids in tow w/ ice creams in hand.  The store had an outside area & different entrances so it was perfect for them to hang outside while I popped in & out, but like all great laid plans… they started touching too much stuff, getting bored, asking too many questions.  So I quickly purchased 2 adorable aprons & vowed to return before the end of the week.  I spotted the suitcase on the way out & mentioned to the owner that I might be interested & would return on Friday.  This was on Wednesday & that night I got the fantastic idea to use the suitcase for stamp storage.  So Thursday morning I went back & $20 plus bucks later the suitcase was mine.  I think that’s a pretty good deal!  So I have all my Stampin’ up! sets on the inside of the suitcase and my clear acrylic & unmounted rubber stamps sets in the pockets.  When I first entered the stamping world a few years back I joined my girlfriend’s, Jill, Stampin up! club so I’ve acquired quite a bit of their stamps.  All my wood mounted stamps sit on a couple shelves.  One’s a knick knack shelf Matt had from his bachelor days & the other is actually an old drawer with dividers I found at an antique store somewhere along the way.  Once my creative area is the way i want it, I will post pictures.  but I’m happy with my new contribution to my creative space & when not in use, voila!

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  1. {leah} says:

    What a fun idea! 🙂

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