easter recap

                                                                                                     Img_5785We started the Easter festivities with our annual BusyBabes mothers’ group Easter egg hunt at Amador Valley park in Pleasanton on Tuesday.  There was food, egg dyeing, egg hunting, playing, basically fun all around.  Lexi had a bit of a melt down ‘cuz mommy forgot their pretty Easter baskets.  I did NOT forget the 26 filled plastic eggs for Sebi marked A-Z, the 26 plastic eggs filled for Lexi, the 12 hardboiled eggs for dying, the egg dyeing kit, the PB&J sandwiches for the kids, the bologna & cheese sandwiches for the kids (I had a few of these myself), the chicken pasta salad for the moms, MY CAMERA thank goodness….so you can see how I could easily oversee something like their Easter baskets.  Gotta admit I was pretty bummed myself.  I love these Easter baskets & they actually sit in their room year round filled with random toys, hence why I forgot them, even when I thought about it in the shower, but as easily as I remembered I forgot!  Anyway, luckily there was an extra baby chick basket she was able to borrow, ‘cuz she wouldn’t have anything to do with the ugly plastic white bag I tried to convince her fit {more} eggs than her basket, but she wasn’t buying it.  Sebi was ok with the white plastic bag, actually I think he preferred it (might be outgrowing the blue gingham basket, sigh!).  Anyway, we do it by age, let all the 2 yr olds go 1st, then the 3 yr olds, etc.  the 4 year olds & higher have an assigned letter & can only pick up the eggs w/ their letter to slow them down a bit.  we started this last year & it seems to do the trick.  It’s a great tradition & I love to see the sea of eggs on the lawn & then the sea of kids running around, some stopping to open the eggs & eat right away (that instant gratification thing), others frantically looking for their letters, & others just stuffing their baskets as full as they can.  Good times!  It’s all about strategy.
Img_5830 Img_5848
Throughout the week the kids enjoyed Easter crafts & activities at school, but I didn’t organize anything for them at home.  I know, bad mommy!  I just haven’t got my household or schedule back under control since the move, but that’s a long topic for another post.  Easter Sunday was nice & lazy for us, which was nice for me to know I didn’t have to cook (haven’t done much of that lately either- very UNlike me) since we were guests at Matt & Sheri’s home.  This was what the beginning of the day looked like: “Ah! SAID baskets appear right on queue”
We spend the afternoon with good food, good wine & good friends.  GOOD EASTER.



  1. {leah} says:

    Hey, mj! Looks like you had a great time! What a great mom’s group!

  2. Lacey says:

    Lots of PINK!!! lol Great picture and adorable baskets!

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