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HOMEWORK.  So I’m into week 2 of my got paint? class with Emily Falconbridge over at BPS.  This week’s particular technique is “grunge stamping”.  Very fun.  Basically just layers of stamp on top of each other in different colors.
Grunge_stamping_art_journalThis layout is from my art journal {6×6} size. I used Making Memories acrylic paints with one of their foam scroll stamps.  The background page is the one I gessoed over ugly patterned patterned paper & stamped into the gesso.  Once dry, I painted it with the acrylic paint.  There’s actually texture in the background page from stamped images but you can’t really appreciate it it here.
Grunge_stamping_layoutThis layout is full {12×12}.  I again used a Making Memories foam scroll stamp and Heidi Swapp & MM acrylic paints.  I also used acrylic paint on my Autumn Leaves acrylic journaling stamp, which I’ll admit I was a bit nervous about, but I trusted Emily, and I love how it came out & it cleaned up beautifully.  this is really fun and I’m finally putting a dent into my acrylic paint stash.  I admit, I purchased a couple more since class started, but at least I’m using them now.  I’m always hesitant to use them because of the time factor.  I figure it’ll take too long to dry, etc. but the paint actually dries pretty fast.  I did these layouts rather quickly for me.  I don’t know why I’m worried about the paint drying anyway, since it takes me a year & day to make any sort of decisions on my layouts.  I’m hoping to become a faster scrapper this year.
HEADER.  I don’t know if you had an opportunity to see my previous header, but I wasn’t feeling the love.  First of all, part of it got chopped off, although I’ve read the header specs a million times & tried various different sizes, and second of all it was just blah.  So this is simple but it doesn’t bug me as much.  all my headers up to now have been pictures of a little “piece” of my home but nothing is inspiring me at the moment.  I think it’s a sign to redecorate & reorganize.  Anyway, hopefully something will “talk” to me soon.
HAPPENINGS.  So Sebastian’s {6th} birthday is coming at the end of the month.  We want to have a party at the house but since it’s been raining so much lately the grass won’t be ready.  So the master plan is for Sebi to have a sleepover his birthday weekend with 5 friends, making it a total of {6} boys & we’ll have the big bash about a month later at the house.  The good thing is it buys me some time to plan the fiesta.  Anyway, why do I post this, you might ask yourself?  Well, if you have any good games or ideas for entertaining 6 – {6} year old boys, I welcome any suggestions.  Thank you in advance from my sanity.


  1. leah says:

    Great stuff, mj!! Lovin’ all your painting projects! 🙂
    Everything went wonderfully tonight! I came home with a bag full of goodies to play with and come up with a class. 😀
    What is it with the header stuff?! I’m finally happy with mine! 🙂
    Good luck with the party. Wow. Not sure about that. I’d just give ’em a bunch of squirt guns and let knock themselves out. LOL

  2. Jen says:

    oooh….i love what you did with the paints & stamps!

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